Uhaul.com- Traffic Gets Moving

This is my first post as the new social media marketing intern at Compete!  I am a Northeastern co-op student and just moved into my apartment right near the Compete office. This weekend as I moved in, I began to see the moving trucks streaming into Boston. These ending summer weeks begins a time of change, and the dreadful, yet exciting move as leases end, and new ones begin. September 1st marks “moving day” for Boston, while in other cities that anxiously awaited day falls on June 1st.

March streams around in the spring and the visitors to Uhaul.com starts to quickly increase as people prepare to move out of college dorms or apartments and head home or into new ones. In May, the end of most college semesters, the visits to Uhaul.com rapidly increases, and moving season has begun! In July visits to Uhaul.com reaches a high point as people continue to move and prepare to move in the end of the summer. As August ends the visits to Uhaul.com begin to steadily decrease and steadily remain at a low point for the duration of the winter months.

Good luck to all you movers today!