“Mad Men" Boosts Online Traffic for AMCTV.com

I’ve been a big fan of AMC’s Mad Men since I watched the first episode in 2007. It’s now in its fourth season, and it seems like every year the fan base gets bigger. Last year in particular, it felt like everyone I knew was talking about Mad Men, and my impression was that AMC was doing a really heavy media campaign to get a buzz going about the show. The premiere for the fourth season just aired at the end of July, and I thought it would be fun to take a look at how the increasing popularity of the show has affected the traffic to AMC’s website, http://www.amctv.com.

Not surprisingly, AMC’s site has gotten a major boost in traffic that corresponds exactly to the Mad Men seasonal schedule. During the first season, which was well-received by critics but did not generate a large viewer base, the site’s traffic increased by 70,000 unique viewers, a 140% increase. The second season created more buzz, and by October 2008 when the second season finale aired, the site’s monthly UVs had grown to nearly 450,000 unique visitors. That amounted to another 140% from premiere to finale, and a 190% increase since the first season’s finale.

By the airdate of the season 3 premiere, the site’s traffic had exploded to over 1,060,000 unique visitors, 336% better than the season 2 premiere. Clearly AMC’s marketing efforts paid off that year! Traffic dropped back down to 840,000 by the S3 finale, which is 79% of the premiere traffic — which is still a pretty fabulous retention rate, considering the astronomical growth at the beginning of the season.

The fourth season premiere didn’t seem as heavily promoted to me, but the site’s UVs are right back up where they were for the 3rd season premiere. That’s definitely a positive sign for the general overall popularity of the show. Keep it up, guys!