Eight out of Ten Consumers Shop Online at Least Once a Week

Last week, Marketwire released the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study that revealed the forming habits of online consumers. The study showed that online shoppers are turning to the social media space as a hub for shopping information, while Twitter and Facebook remain the most popular for the online market. According to the study, 83 percent of consumers are shopping online weekly.

As this growth continues to expand, entertainment products have become the current trending most shopped item. Although consumers may be using the online sites to shop, retailers still face the challenge of getting customers to make their final purchase online. Shoppers often prefer to view the items online, but purchase in the actual store in order to see, feel, or try on the item. Retailers must turn to promotions specific to free shipping, free returns, and methods of fast shipping to urge consumers to make the final purchase online. Debra Arbesman, retail associate at Compete, notes the importance of online offers as the holiday months approach and retailers prepare to engage their customers in the upcoming months.

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