Old Navy $2 Megasale

sale signs
Recently an Old Navy online ad on Yahoo for a “˜$2 Cami Sale’ caught my eye. The Old Navy ad prompted consumers to use the secret passcode “˜CAMI4ME’ in-store to cash in on the deal. I have to admit I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s $2.50 flip-flops as well as some of its other great bargains, so I quickly clicked over to oldnavy.com with hopes of using the secret passcode upon checkout. To my dismay, I soon discovered this offer could only be redeemed at its brick and mortar locations and being as busy as I am,  a quick trip to Old Navy over the 3 day sale window didn’t seem likely. Nevertheless this finding did not stop me from browsing some of the company’s other sales on the website. Given that short window of opportunity an online advertisement has to capture one’s attention and the challenges many advertisers face in engaging consumers online, Old Navy’s sale message certainly caught my attention. However I wondered how well this campaign resonated with other consumers online.

One of the interesting things about online advertising is the ability to measure click through rates and tie this behavior to conversion.  Although the call to action on this particular advertisement was to make an offline purchase I investigated viewthrough rates to Oldnavy.com to see if a potential halo effect to the advertiser site resulted. Surely enough, Oldnavy.com achieved a +48% lift in site visitation as a direct result of the Yahoo homepage placement confirming that the campaign did a good job at engaging other consumers as well despite its offline messaging.

Further supporting evidence is found when using Compete.com data to take a look at its reach. Old Navy achieved a nice spike in reach on June 29th correlating with the campaign date. This finding confirms that placement on portal sites such as Yahoo can move the needle in reach which is particularly important for a time-sensitive campaign such as that of the Old Navy’s  2-day sale.

The simple sale message certainly hit home with online consumers. Smart move Old Navy, this tacit proves to be a successful way to move consumers to both the online and offline retail outlets. I am sure a nice bump in sales also resulted for both online and offline sales because who could buy just one $2 cami and not pick up a pair (or two) of $2.50 flip-flips as well? Although offline conversion as a result of online exposure may remain a little fuzzy, it is clear that it had a positive impact on Old navy site visitation Cami or no Cami.