Compete Meets Omniture

Hello there Omniture. A sincere pleasure.

We kicked off our partnership with Omniture back in March and there was an incredible amount of buzz surrounding it at the Omniture Conference I attended. Everyone wanted to learn more about our newly formed relationship and the intricacies of our integration into Site Catalyst. The value proposition was simple and people really got it. How can you argue with the value that comes from having your trended site-side metrics alongside your competitive analytics? This is transforming the way people look at and consider web analytics.

A few months have passed and I am pleased to say that we have received a steady flow of clients interested in integrating Compete PRO Enterprise into their Omniture platform. Our clients are saying that not having to flip back and forth between the two systems saves them a lot of time, having the "whole picture" in one platform allows for an entirely new level of competitive benchmarking in a one-stop shop, and that internally, the custom dashboards they are creating as they mix the competitive and site-side metrics is making getting the right information in front of the right individuals much easier. The message I am receiving from our clients is that with the integration, they can now answer burning business questions and generate reports that are timely, relevant, and actionable.

Given all of the interest from the marketplace, we’ve decided to offer a special promotion. Until September 30th, Compete is willing to pay your Omniture integration fee if you subscribe to Compete PRO Enterpriseâ„¢. Compete and Omniture will work together to ensure a seamless, successful integration and provide, training, and ongoing support also at no additional charge. The integration is actually a easy, noninvasive 3 step process"¦.

Act now. Contact me today to learn more and start getting the "whole picture" within your Omniture platform!

About Jack Drew:
Jack is a sales and thought leader in digital marketing and Director of Sales at Evergage. Evergage enables marketers to increase conversions with real-time, behaviorally-targeted web personalization.