The Compete Experience

Here at Compete, we do a lot with data and analytics. We aid the online world (you!) with tons of information about how to look at your competitive online landscape. Yes, all of this is pretty cool and yes, we’re in a great industry with our own special niche. If you’re reading this blog, then you already know the importance of the game changing data we provide.

What you may not know about us, is that we’re a darn cool place to work as well. Last week, I had someone ask me why I worked at Compete, which got me thinking, do people NOT know what we’re like outside of our data? I hope you don’t mind me getting on my soap box for a second, but our team is growing like crazy. The Compete Experience is definitely something to write home about.

Growth: We have a fast track for growth around here. It’s not easy to learn the complexities of our business, but once you do, we do our best to keep you around, keep you happy, and help you grow. It’s not unheard of for people to be promoted within a year. We groom from within.

Flexibility: We’re all professionals here, and we’re treated as such. No clock watching. Get your work done, and no one will question your time in/out.

Fun: We like to have fun around here. Anything from co-ed softball leagues, our baseball team "The Data Nuggets" to monthly happy hours, bagel Wednesdays, company outings, Compete Olympics, scavenger hunts, a massage chair, and the list goes on. Yes, we work hard, but we make time for company bonding.

Stability with a startup culture: We’re already 125 people strong with huge success, but Compete still feels like a startup. We’re scrappy, entrepreneurial, passionate and smart. Compete is the perfect mix between a startup feel and not looking over your shoulder wondering if you’re still going to have a job next month.

Miscellaneous: We have a great benefits package plus tuition reimbursement. Something I think is really cool is our commuter reimbursement (up to $170 per month).

Done with my soap box for today. Would love to tell you more (because there is a lot more!) if you see anything here of interest, shoot me a note at

Disclaimer: All of the above is 100% true, and yes I love The Compete Experience.

Check us out.