Compete Data Shows FIFA World Cup Was an Online Success

Today, Compete announced a press release regarding the successes of the 2010 Fifa World Cup as a U.S. online event. Initially gaining speed in the month of February 2010, U.S. internet users began to increase their interest in the worldwide contest in the following months. As a sport that typically does not see as much attention in the United States, the performance of the U.S. team drove online interest. By June, the category saw over 8 million unique visitors, while alone boasted 6.8 million unique visitors in a single month.

Not surprisingly, streaming of live games was a popular part of the Fifa World Cup event. and hosted online matches, increasing the hype surrounding the competition. As a result, ESPN saw a 27.76% increase in visitors to their site in the month of June, as compared to May. The event not only captured the interest of soccer fans around the globe, but also acted to create a host of online successes that have grabbed the attention of advertisers for the 2014 World Cup.

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