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Think Like a CFO: Making Digital Measurement Matter

Marketing expenditures are now more heavily scrutinized than ever. Some purists argue that the bean counters are sucking the spark and innovation out of advertising and marketing campaigns. This isn’t likely to change any time soon, so if you can beat them, join them. Yes, it’s time for marketers to think like CFO’s. What does thinking like a CFO mean? It means more taking a more disciplined approach to campaign planning, tracking and measurement. It means looking for places where the cost to accomplish something far exceeds any long-term return. It brings accountability and rationality to a process that, at times, can be far too undisciplined. This panel will explore new digital measurement approaches and suggest ways marketers can adapt their thinking to be accountable WITHOUT sacrificing creativity or calculated risk-taking. This last part is especially important if brands are to continue driving more engagement online. The panelists will outline strategies and best practices for pre-campaign, in-campaign and post-campaign measurement, focusing on how attendees can develop their own protocols. Drawing on personal experiences, panelists will reveal tips for presenting to senior management and making a stronger case for a balance of marketing programs that deliver more predictable results and those that take well-calculated risks.

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About Karen Costa:
As the Online Marketing Specialist at Compete, Karen Costa specializes in the day-to-day online marketing functions for search, email marketing, social media, affiliate, etc. Before Karen joined the Compete team she was an online marketing coordinator for Bliss Spa and then worked for a couple of start ups. Karen says, "I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up!" Find Karen on Twitter as vanillabean45 or connect with her on LinkedIn at