The Whistle Blew Loud in July for WikiLeaks

July data is live on, and to no surprise of many, Unique Visitors to increased 168% month-over-month., a safe-haven website dedicated to whistle-blowing, made headlines in July when it released classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan. As the media drew much attention to the WikiLeaks story, people raced to to see for themselves what all the hype was about.

The chart below illustrates the Daily Reach for Daily Reach is defined by how many people visit as a percentage of all daily U.S. Internet users. On Tuesday July 26th, shortly after WikiLeaks released 90,000 classified military documents, the Daily Reach for hit 0.235%. This is a 33x lift over the average Daily Reach for past year of 0.007%.

While the Daily Reach on July 26th was the highest for over the past year, other releases of classified and confidential documents have driven large amounts of traffic to the site. The daily reach on April 6th hit 0.109%, shortly after the release of a video exposing civilian casualties under the command of US General David Petraeus.

As long as whistle-blowers need a safe-haven to anonymously release leaked documents, will provide them with the safety and secrecy that they require.