A Brand Blueprint For Marketing On Facebook

In his August post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen DiMarco questioned the value of Facebook to a marketer’s campaign, while analyzing Facebook’s ability to measure your own successes as a marketer. Incorporating Facebook into a campaign has become an imperative part of any marketer’s strategy. Company Facebook pages result in community involvement and, ideally, engaged fans. Stephen questions how we can capitalize on the opportunity Facebook presents, since high numbers of fans do not necessarily equate to corporate successes. Marketers should maintain focus on sales goals and branding, while deciding what strategies are best to maximize results from Facebook fans.

Stephen notes that Facebook now has the ability to evaluate the successes for you, measuring engaged fans in order to benchmark metrics over time. He writes, “These metrics are important because they reshape the way marketers think about to to integrate with Facebook.” Facebook has ultimately changed the marketing game, and DiMarco highlights the importance of understanding these changes and how to unlock the potential of social media. “Selling media without data is like telling a joke without a punch line, and we can’t afford to leave our audiences hanging.”

Join Stephen DiMarco in finding out how Facebook can help you meet sales goals and connect online media to marketers.