Is Midway's Traffic Migrating to the Competition?

While not one the more nationally recognized outdoor sporting retailers like Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops, one of the Midwest’s most popular outdoor online retailers is Midway USA, based in Missouri.  Family owned and operated it’s certainly smaller scale, and while it does compete with the larger brands, Midway’s number one competitor is Brownells, an Iowa based company.  When looking at some basic metrics is easy to see Midway is the larger company, with roughly 867K unique visitors in the month or June they more than double Brownells traffic.  So should Midway feel good?

Perhaps not!  In almost all of Compete’s visitor and engagement metrics, while Midway (blue) was the larger site, Brownells’ growth (green) was almost always higher month-over-month and/or year-over-year. Maybe all of Midways advertising and sponsored programming on national networks such as The Outdoor Channel has also had some positive impact on its number one competitor.

So what to look at next?  Perhaps looking at where Brownells gets most of its traffic from would be a good indication if it’s beginning to steal some market share away from Midway. After viewing the top referring sites below, sure enough, following just behind Google and Yahoo lies Midway, providing Brownell with over 33K visits and over 3.5% of their total upstream traffic.

So what’s this all mean? Is Brownells soon to be more on par with Midway?  Will they eventually surpass Midway? Of course only time will tell, but if I was Midway I might be concerned.

About Leif Cefalo:
At Compete, Leif Cefalo is a Sales Director. Leif is responsible for Inside Sales for Compete PRO Enterprise at Compete. Before Leif joined the Compete Team he worked in Client Services for a company intelligence database start up. His career aspiration is to lead a successful sales team with a start up environment. Connect with Leif on LinkedIn at