What're you doing at work all day, bro?

Each day millions of America sit down at their desks to days filled with continuous hard work without end"¦ or maybe they take a break or two..

I recently had a conversation with one of my male friends about his web-surfing habits at work. He told me about a site that is grabbing the attention of the hard working, “office” man — barstoolsports.com. After learning their slogan: "By the common man, for the common man," I could pretty easily guess who they are targeting. With 61% of their traffic coming from visitors that make over 60K a year, I began to picture offices filled with men on Barstool Sports all day. Considering themselves the newspaper of the average Joes, the site hosts loads of articles, photos, and blogs. They cater to men 18-45 years of age, bored at work, looking for some entertainment, and maybe in need of more than a brief moment to simply space out in "man-land." As indicated by the the graph below, they are definitely reaching their target audience, with 82% of visitors falling into their intended age range.

Who are these so called "common men" perusing the web all day at work? One would imagine husbands, brothers, and male friends scanning the manly gossip site, but maybe women are checking out the competition.

According to the chart above, it’s obvious that men aren’t the only ones looking at the hilarious videos and witty blog posts. Although 68% of unique visitors are men, women make up 32% of their monthly traffic. Barstool Sports is best know as a means to entertain the male world, but you can easily picture the working woman getting a similar laugh from the clever articles and humorous videos. The quick blog posts and funny pictures keep men in the gossip "know," without all the fluff that can be found in daily news feeds or gossip magazines. But maybe women want to also take a break from reading girly articles found in the woman-sphere to search the hot topics men are reading these days.

So next time you take a "quick" personal break at work, perhaps you will join the other 300 thousand unique visitors to Barstool Sports’ male targeted, yet female friendly online newspaper.