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Digital CMO Series: American Express Business Insights

American Express Business Insights, a sponsor of the 2010 Digital CMO Summit is a global information, analytics and consulting organization. Combining real behavioral information—derived from actual purchasing data—with sophisticated analytics they provide businesses with a deeper understanding of their customers, competitors and marketplace.

Old Navy $2 Megasale

Recently an Old Navy online ad on Yahoo for a “˜$2 Cami Sale’ caught my eye. The Old Navy ad prompted consumers to use the secret passcode “˜CAMI4ME’ in-store to cash in on the deal. I have to admit I am a huge fan of Old Navy’s $2.50 flip-flops as well as some of its other great bargains, so I quickly clicked over to with hopes of using the

Thanks For Being A Loyal Fan!

As a way of saying thanks for being part of the Compete community on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, we’d like to to give you an exclusive offer. Use the coupon code SAVE30 at checkout to save up to $150 on your first month or $1500 on your first year.* Whether you’re an online marketer interested in competitive intelligence, search analytics, or other digital insights, Compete has the right offering for

July Search Market

Just last week, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance rolled out its first big change to the public — Yahoo! organic search results are now driven by Bing’s algorithms in the US and Canada. For every search a consumer conducts on the Yahoo! engine, you will see the small but powerful words at the bottom of each SERP: "Powered by BingTM"". Let’s take a final look at Bing and Yahoo!

If you’re like me, you’re on e-mail overload. You might feel like Old McDonald, except replace farm for promotional email. Here a promo, there a promo, everywhere a promo promo. When I wake up in the morning I’ve got an e-mail from Groupon, BuyWithMe, Living Social, City Deals, and the list goes on and on and on. While popularity for the discount, coupon, and social shopping websites is growing, when

Compete Meets Omniture

Hello there Omniture. A sincere pleasure. We kicked off our partnership with Omniture back in March and there was an incredible amount of buzz surrounding it at the Omniture Conference I attended. Everyone wanted to learn more about our newly formed relationship and the intricacies of our integration into Site Catalyst. The value proposition was simple and people really got it. How can you argue with the value that comes

Digital CMO Series: T-Mobile USA

This week Dennis Haugan, Senior Director, Digital Strategy, T-Mobile USA describes how the customer is only a click away and “own your brand” as true advocates, a marketing agency and an honest voice of the brand. Read our one-on-one interview with Dennis below and check out the video of his interview and full presentation with Danielle Nohe, Director, Telecommunications & Media, Compete on our YouTube channel.

Back-to-school Shoppers Dip Into Their Wallets and Head Online

The Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study provides powerful insight into the complete online shopping experience.  For more consumers insights, please contact Debra Arbesman at for more information. The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler; this can only mean one thing"”it is back-to-school time!  While children permanently dread this time of year and parents always breathe a collective sigh of relief, each year brings uncertainty for

Fastest Growing Domains for July 2010

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The Compete Experience

Here at Compete, we do a lot with data and analytics. We aid the online world (you!) with tons of information about how to look at your competitive online landscape. Yes, all of this is pretty cool and yes, we’re in a great industry with our own special niche. If you’re reading this blog, then you already know the importance of the game changing data we provide.

Digital CMO Series: Alaska Airlines and Zaaz

"We don’t do anything without measuring anymore. As marketers we are used to kind of bull******* our way through stuff"¦well that day is over." Find out why as Shane Atchinson, CEO, ZAAZ and Steve Jarvis, former VP Marketing Sales and Customer Experience, Alaska Airlines discuss the importance of measurement, competitive benchmarking and what it really means to deliver on a brand promise on our YouTube Channel.