Battle of the Light Beers?

When I think summer. I think light tasting beers. In fact, I’ve heard that light beer is the most consumed beer in the US. Here’s a peek at how the most popular light beers are faring against each other.

This graph shows the attention all US Internet users have paid to the websites of Miller Lite, Coors Light, Bud Light, MGD 64, and Michelob Ultra, over the past couple of months. For the most part things didn’t really fire up until July 4th. After the 4th, Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra have steadily garnered the most attention. I guess the Miller’s invention (or gimmick) of the Vortex Bottle and Michelob’s Race to the Ultra Program, which includes a partnership with Lance Armstrong, have paid off. Although I am a fan of the real men of genius commercials, I wonder what other tricks Bud Light has up their sleeve (if they need any tricks up there sleeve) to get in the game.

Fun fact (based on some info from Wikipedia and some personal beer obsession knowledge)...”Diet beer” was invented in the late 1960’s by a bio chemist at a New York brewery and given to Meister Brau, a Chicago brewery and main competitor of Miller. Meister Brau branded the product as Meister Brau “Lite”. Soon after Miller  beer  is the original light beer. Originally marketed as a beer for woman, Phillip Morse changed the direction when it bought Miller in 1969 and started marketing the product to men. The rest is history. Today, light beer is the most consumed type of beer in the US.

Happy responsible drinking!

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