Tastes a Little Salty

Summer time is synonymous with many things: family vacations, going to the beach, barbecues (read: frozen margaritas), and of course, summer movies.

Each year we are treated to Hollywood’s best as they seem to "slow-play" their hand all year long, only to bet the pot on summer releases. Every week there seems to be a new "blockbuster" movie being released. Much like political commercials in October and November, there is a commercial for some movie during every tv commercial break in the summer. At the end of all these commercials they always tout the movie’s web site.

This got me thinking: Does this work? Do people actually go to these sites? And what time is Inception playing tonight?

Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio had another huge opening last Friday with Inception. Not to be outdone, Angelina Jolie counters with the release of Salt today.

Personally, I was very excited about the opening of The A-Team. "I love it when a plan comes together." Below you can see the daily traffic figures for ateam-movie.com, and there is a noticeable increase in traffic culminating with a peak on opening day, June 11:

However, in true Compete spirit I wanted to see how this compared to the rest of the market. Below is a chart of daily traffic to the sites for the following Summer Blockbuster movies: A- Team, Inception, Iron Man 2, Salt and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  The callouts signify Opening Day for each movie.

To no one’s surprise, there was a huge increase in visitation for Inception, peaking on Opening Day, last Friday, July 16th. This week, Salt has garnered much more interest and looks as though it is prepared to surpass Inception, at least online.

We’ll see what happens over these next couple of days, but for now, it looks as though America prefers their summer to be a little Salty.