LeBrondemonium! Did you feel it? Did you feed into it?

Last week, LeBron James had the majority of the sports world wrapped around his pinky. Pandemonium, really. (Wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos) Especially in cities like Cleveland, Miami, Chicago and New York. Even if you "didn’t care," you knew about it. At the water cooler, on the train, at the bar, on the tv, in your RSS feeds; you heard the commentary, you had an opinion, even if you didn’t share it.

If you followed any of the coverage from major sports outlets, you witnessed analysts, players, coaches, random non basketball figures — all weighing in and many of them with a new theory on LeBron’s future every time the sun rose. The culmination of this chaos happened this past Thursday at 9pm eastern, when Lebron James had his own hour long special on ESPN, titled "The Decision." LeBron told the world he was going to Miami.

LeBrondemonium was reaching its peak and compete.com had its arms around it. Look at daily reach and attention numbers for some LeBron relevant websites.

Maybe LeBrondemonium annoyed you, maybe it didn’t. Maybe you watched in amazement as jersey’s were burned in the streets of Cleveland, maybe you changed the channel. I know I was swept away for the week. I know I visited plaindealer.com, lebronjames.com, nba.com and espn.com; along with a handful of other sites tracking all aspects of the story.

I definitely wasn’t alone"¦