The Seasonality Of Pizza

The NBA finals called for pizza night at our house. The DIY pizzas enabled by ordering online allow the average pizza lover a lot more self expression without annoying the order taker (“thin crust"¦light cheese..extra sauce"¦”)

Having enjoyed the pizza a lot more than the final game (we’re from Boston) I decided to check out how the online service has been faring of late. I learned a couple of interesting things.

First, among the two leading players, has a lead in unique monthly visitors over In the past year an average of 2.7MM pizza shoppers visited Pizza Hut’s online ordering sub domain per month compared to 2.4MM Dominos’ visitors (that’s a lot of slices). These numbers represent 75% of the traffic to the main domains. I also learned that pizza shoppers will often check out both sites – Domino’s is the #4 referring site to Pizza Hut and vice versa.

While I didn’t see the traffic surge I was expecting to see on the night of the finals, turns out the real pizza sports night is the super bowl. The second big pizza night is New Years eve. Overall, the winter seems to attract more visitors than the summer. Finally, what may seem intuitive is that this market is driven by the weekends; on Friday and Saturday the sites’ traffic peak – those weekly high points are neatly illustrated in the daily reach chart above.

If I assume traffic is a reflection of conversions on the ordering subdomains, it seems to me that some form of a mid-week campaign is in order…I hope we’ll be able to enjoy one soon!