Where In The World Is The Compete Team?

As one of the newest members of Compete, joining the office just three weeks ago, I initially thought Compete was just another ordinary company"¦ I soon found out that was hardly the case.

One day a year (among many others), the Compete team takes a two hour break from analyzing data, crunching numbers, and working hard in the office, to break into teams of 10 and peruse the streets of Boston in search of obscure items. The 2010 company scavenger hunt was far from uneventful. Each team jumped hurdles, made mistakes, and righted our wrongs, all in the battle for pride and glory. Those who faltered in their decision making quickly fell behind, while those who strove for victory succeeded.

Where can I find a business card for a hair laser-removal company? What three strangers will jump into the Charlie’s Angels pose? Why am I lying on the ground with pennies over my eyes? — Just a sampling of the many thoughts that went through the Competers heads that cool Thursday afternoon. Scavenger hunt mastermind Gregg Poulin created a list of over 50 items, including some interesting bonuses, for the Compete teams to find in the short two-hour time period.

After partaking in the scavenger hunt, my eyes have now been opened to the true personality of this company. Besides our daily quest for customer satisfaction, we also strive to have happy employees. Running the streets with around eighty other company members, I felt like this was a bunch I knew I was destined to be a part of. You may ask why?? Was it the matching shirts embedded with the compete logo? Was it the buzz around the office for the week preceding this event? Or was it the camaraderie found when the cubicle walls were taken away? One cannot pinpoint the exact reasons for the relentless positive vibe surrounding our office, but those who join our ranks seem to understand.

Yes, Compete knows how to kick back and have a good time, once we get all of our work done of course.

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