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How to Find Profitable Keywords with Alex Cohen

Last Tuesday, senior marketing manager at ClickEquations, Alex Cohen, taught us how to discover which words are driving traffic to your competitors sites and which ones drive engagement, as well as how to uncover the real words people use before they click on your text ad and stop irrelevant clicks. His webinar, “Find Profitable Keywords with 2 Unconventional Techniques,” presented viewers with insightful and new information about various ways improve

Battle of the Light Beers?

When I think summer. I think light tasting beers. In fact, I’ve heard that light beer is the most consumed beer in the US. Here’s a peek at how the most popular light beers are faring against each other.

Getting Into the Groupon Groove

I just paid off last month’s credit card bill, and couldn’t help but notice a slew of new transactions on my wife’s card from "Groupon Inc Chicago." Sure, I know about Groupon, but what I didn’t know was that I’m married to a straight up crazy Groupon addict. In June alone, she managed to gobble up 6 different offers, ranging from tapas to Thai food to day passes at a

Digital CMO Series: Bing – Building a New Brand in the Digital Age

    Breaking through the noise to launch a new brand in today’s marketplace requires harnessing traditional marketing techniques as well as the unexpected. Reaching users online is relatively straightforward, but building emotional connections, staying relevant and delivering value is considerably more challenging. Hear from Kirsten Ward, Director of Digital Advertising, Microsoft as she discusses the challenges faced and innovation by Microsoft to build the Bing brand and steadily gain

Online Soap Purchasing Deserves a 2nd Look

If you’re like most people, the thought of ever purchasing everyday household essentials (such as soap, razors and diapers) online probably seems a bit silly and misguided.  How can it possibly make economic sense to pay to ship these heavy, bulky products without blowing your budget?

Upcoming Webinar: Find Profitable Keywords with 2 Unconventional Techniques

Last Thursday, Compete sponsored a very successful and informative webcast by Bryan Eisenberg. Next week, we’re bringing you another free webinar, co-sponsored by ClickEquations. Keywords are the gateway in PPC advertising that connect your business to prospects. But, how do you find keyword niches that are profitable? Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT, you’ll learn two unconventional keyword research techniques: 1. Competitive Intelligence — Discover which

Tastes a Little Salty

Summer time is synonymous with many things: family vacations, going to the beach, barbecues (read: frozen margaritas), and of course, summer movies. Each year we are treated to Hollywood’s best as they seem to "slow-play" their hand all year long, only to bet the pot on summer releases. Every week there seems to be a new "blockbuster" movie being released. Much like political commercials in October and November, there is

Anybody wanna get high? i-dose today.

Apparently there’s a “new craze” sweeping the US teenage population that allows them to replace the high one would normally get from real world narcotics with a “digital high” or binaural brainwave dose from digital music track that modifies your brain waves. No, this is not some horrible sci-fi movie or a satirical play on drugs in schools, a-la family guy.  Even worse, this is real life.  And…it’s spreading!  Yesterday,

Cross Channel Shopping Is a Must

The Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study provides powerful insight into the complete online shopping experience.  For more consumers insights, please contact Debra Miller at for more information. More than 1 out of every 3 consumers indicated that they are extremely or very likely to research products online before purchasing them in a store, accordingly to the latest Online Shopper Intelligence study.  While this statistic is interesting and thought provoking,

Digital CMO Series: Jeffrey Hayzlett Part 2

Last week’s Digital CMO Series installment featured part 1 of exciting video from Jeff Hayzlett, former CMO of Kodak and author of the bestselling book The Mirror Test. Now check out part 2, the remainder of his presentation and a one-on-one interview with Jeff as he shares more ideas on big branding online. The first ten people to answer all five questions below correctly (all answered by Jeff on our

Bryan Eisenberg on Current Online Marketing Landscape

This Thursday, July 22, 2010, Bryan Eisenberg, two-time New York Times bestselling author and renowned online marketing speaker and expert, will present a webcast, "How to Legally Spy on Your Competition." Sponsored by Compete, the presentation will highlight different solutions for monitoring online competition, how to use them and what to do with the resulting data.  Last week, Compete spoke briefly with Bryan to get his thoughts on the online