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Facebook’s privacy changes have everyone in line for a slice of the semantic web pie

With so much buzz around Facebook’s recent privacy changes, I decided it was time to take a peek at some of our analytics to see how the sites Pandora and Yelp may have benefited in the month of April. We should keep in mind that the f8 Live conference didn’t announce the Open Graph API capabilities or privacy changes until April 21st. Therefore the metrics we have for the month

Compete now offers marketing channel and traffic composition information!

Today Compete launched our newly reinvented Referral Analytics tool. The new referral analytics goes beyond the domain level data to provide deep, actionable insights for any online marketer. Drive acquisition growth with competitive information The new referral analytics uses a simple but powerful "map of the market" visualization to show at a glance what categories are driving the most traffic to a given competitor, and whether that source is growing

Enhanced data methodology powers new features and new capabilities

Enhanced data methodology powers new features and new capabilities Today’s release of the reinvented referral analytics on is a milestone for one group of people here in the office:  The data team.  This is the group of white lab coat wearing, PhD having, prime number recognizing people here at Compete that are responsible for taking the massive sample from our multiple clickstream sources and applying the math that turns

Firefox Personas-What’s Your Style?

You’ve got personality! You’ve got style! Does your browser? Firefox 3.6 browser can too with a persona. Firefox 3.6 makes it possible for you to change the appearance of your browser with a single click (sans restart-hallelujah!). There was some initial buzz around the launch of of Firefox 3.6 in January, which died out quickly as shown by the graph below.


The New York Times is out with a piece today on one of my favorite websites – Most of the piece is a retread of what has been said before about the network — the site has grown from essentially nothing, now making a bunch of money from advertising, licensing and merchandising. The other keys to their success, according to the article, are the size of their network, and

Thank you ESPN, for taking the World Cup seriously

It’s here.  And for a US soccer fan, it’s going to be even bigger than ever. For three years and 11 months, soccer fans in the United States live in relative obscurity.  Yes, we find each other at soccer friendly bars, read and comment on soccer-focused blogs and rise early on the weekends to watch our favorite European club matches; but for the most part, we fly well below the

Free Donut Day Brings A Sugar High Followed By Crash

What could be better than a fresh donut covered in chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles (a personal favorite) on a Friday afternoon? A FREE donut covered in chocolate frosting with rainbow sprinkles on a Friday afternoon. Friday, June 4th, was National Donut Day. Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme participated in giving away free donuts for the day. Twitter and Facebook were feeling the effects on their websites similar to that

Coupons Are Good For the Bottom Line

The Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study provides powerful insight into the complete online shopping experience.  For more consumers insights, please contact Debra Miller at for more information. Coupons have long been a favorite tool of savvy online shoppers.  One-third of online shoppers surveyed in the latest Online Shopper Intelligence™ survey said they generally use coupon sites while shopping online.  In fact, 35 million consumers visited coupon sites in April

A Table For Two: Yelp and OpenTable

Last week, Yelp announced an integration of OpenTable, a self-service, online restaurant reservation system. Restaurants make up around 29% of the reviewed businesses on Yelp, according to their official blog, so now researching restaurants, securing a table, and reviewing your dining experience is easier than ever before.

The Search is on for the Best"¦EVO?

HTC certainly seems to be making its mark in the wireless world.  In March, T-Mobile began selling the HTC HD2, VZW began a prelaunch of the HTC Incredible, and perhaps most interesting of all Sprint officially announced the release of the HTC EVO, the first 4G device in America.  All these android devices are major launches for their respective carriers, but the HTC EVO appears to be the device making

Parent Appreciation Day

Having celebrated Mother’s Day a few weeks ago and with Father’s Day just around the corner, I was curious as to which day attracts more attention from consumers. Analyzing data from the latest Online Shopper Intelligenceâ„¢, I found three very interesting takeaways: 1) Consumers buy more Mother’s Day gifts. 66% of respondents bought at least one Mother’s Day gift this past year, but only 54% plan to buy a Father’s