Big Brand Theory: The Expanding Universe Of Online

In his June post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen Dimarco gives insight into online branding, exploring what he learned from major brands Kodak, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Proctor & Gamble. Dimarco breaks down the fundamentals of developing online branding, furthering our knowledge of steps necessary to measure our successes. He highlights the five key points he believes drive successful online branding: taking risks, creating a personal experience for the consumer, endorsing social media, realizing online behavior leads to purchase, and that “direct response and branding are complementary.” His highly developed thoughts “calibrate your current position on the evolutionary scale for online branding.”

His various steps combine to create the ultimate guide to online branding. He acknowledges the importance of social media, as marketers turn to sites facebook and twitter as means of expanding their online venue. Dimarco has a point, social media has changed online marketing, making email and phone calls a limited source of value. He also stresses the need for multiple channels, as they “improve your chances of seeing how behavior changes over time and over different online properties.” He tells us to take risks, while maintaining the sense of “Home,” when a customer visits your website. Fear of innovation thwarts the dramatic changes we’ve seen over the evolution of online branding. Let’s join him and “prove it’s finally time for the rest of the marketing industry to emerge and adapt.”