If you follow Compete on twitter, you may have seen a Friday afternoon (or late morning if you are a West Coast data lover) come and go with some mentions of data nuggets, promptly scratched your head, and wondered “What the heck is a data nugget?”

As a new member of the Compete.com team, the first time I heard the term “data nugget” I immediately thought “mmmm sweet and sour dipping sauce.” Unlike fast food cravings, data nuggets are calorie-free and information dense. I’m here to demystify data nuggets for you!

What’s a data nugget?
A data nugget is a juicy morsel of data that we, the Compete team, can pull from our amazing reporting tool. We take a URL, plug it in and then we can look at anything from Unique Visitors, to Daily Attention, Daily Reach, Referral Analytics , Demographic information, Destination Traffic, etc.

Want to see what we see? Here’s an example of what a site profile looks like.

Here’s an example of our enhanced Referral Analytics, which is a channel map to visualize the traffic metrics of competitors, clients, or prospects. The Compete Channel Map allows marketers to efficiently explore large datasets visually instead of relying only on spreadsheets.

How do data nuggets work?
Every Friday afternoon, we’ll announce data nuggets. It’ll usually be a tweet that looks like this: “It’s time for data nuggets! @ reply us a URL, the tag #datanugget and we’ll give you a juicy data morsel”

All you have to do is send us an @ reply to the Compete twitter account with a URL and the hashtag #datanugget. We then plug the URL in and send you an @ reply with an insight on your URL. Our panel-based methodology provides the power behind our juicy data nuggets.

If it’s not Friday, but you have a hankering for a data nugget, you can sign up for a free MyCompete account. Until Friday, happy tweeting!

About Karen Costa:
As the Online Marketing Specialist at Compete, Karen Costa specializes in the day-to-day online marketing functions for Compete.com-paid search, email marketing, social media, affiliate, etc. Before Karen joined the Compete team she was an online marketing coordinator for Bliss Spa and then worked for a couple of start ups. Karen says, "I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up!" Find Karen on Twitter as vanillabean45 or connect with her on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/karencosta