Referral Analytics We Don't Just Make-up

A week after Compete’s release of new the Referral Analytics tool, the internet market continues to buzz with excitement over the latest features and capabilities. The new tool was released in tandem with Compete’s May data, unleashing valuable information that more accurately reflects site traffic and total visits.

Through the referral analytics tool, a site owner can delve into the channel map (below) which shows percent visits from the various driving categories for the particular website., a website that saw 1.6 million unique visitors in the month of May, could utilize the Referral Analytics to understand what domains are driving visits higher (green), and which are shrinking their contribution (red).

Sephora’s channel map shows that the Shopping category refers about 15% of total visitors to the Sephora website, while the Mass Merchant and Department Store category makes up about 8% of the Shopping traffic. Upon clicking on the Shopping category, the Sephora marketers can narrow their search to unveil the various websites driving customers to their domain.

The source traffic above shows that affiliate site boasted an 151.44% increase in change in share. Clearly holds the majority of traffic, but should interest Sephora because of the drastic increase in traffic drive to the Sephora website. Visitors from affiliate sites may not equate to sales, but a site like targets customers seeking coupons and bargains.

As seen above, (second bar from the left) is an obvious target for an online marketer to zero in on the domain within the Shopping/ Mass Merchant and Department store category that is driving growth to the Sephora site. By analyzing the referral analytics data, can instantly find the common sources of traffic. The almost 19,000 visitors driven from hardly makes up the total 1.6 million visitors to the Sephora site, but Sephora notes the 10,000 visitor increase from the affiliate in the month of May alone. Using that information, Sephora can optimize advertising methods to drive more traffic to their site.

Should Sephora get excited about affiliates driving source traffic while you get great deals and coupons? I wouldn’t miss the chance for a bargain.