Videos Your Boss Wants You To View At Work

Compete is pleased to announce the Compete Digital CMO Series.

Over the next 3 months, Compete will be featuring videos, presentations and digital insights from industry leaders who attended the Compete Digital CMO Summit this past May. The Digital CMO Summit is an annual event that brings together the industry’s top thought leaders and marketing practitioners who are pioneering our digital universe and answering the questions of the next frontier.

Starting in July, a new presenter from the Compete Digital CMO Summit will be featured each week. Presenters include Eric Salama – Kantar, Jeff Hayzlett – Eastman Kodak, Richard Calacci – CBSSportsline and several others.

Stay tuned to hear from true thought leaders who shared first-hand experiences from their organizations, and discussed how data and analytics are becoming inseparable components of the creation and implementation of effective marketing campaigns.

For more information about Compete’s Digital CMO Summit, visit Check out all Compete’s videos on YouTube!

About Aaron Smolick:
Aaron Smolick is the Senior Director of Marketing at Compete. Aaron spends his time at Compete building brand awareness and lead generations while managing the PR, the Kantar relationship and the day-to-day marketing efforts--he greases the wheels and connects the dots. Before Aaron joined the Compete team he ran the US division of the Samsung gaming division. He hopes to eventually climb the corporate ladder where the dots become larger.