Compete now offers marketing channel and traffic composition information!

Today Compete launched our newly reinvented Referral Analytics tool. The new referral analytics goes beyond the domain level data to provide deep, actionable insights for any online marketer.

Drive acquisition growth with competitive information
The new referral analytics uses a simple but powerful "map of the market" visualization to show at a glance what categories are driving the most traffic to a given competitor, and whether that source is growing (green) or shrinking (red) over time.

Why it matters: Allows an online marketer to delve into the acquisition sources of competitors and use that information to discover untapped channels for their own campaigns.

Understand what domains power competitive growth
The new referral analytics makes it simple to understand what domains are driving visits higher, and which domains are shrinking their contribution. For every category the tool now provides a breakdown of these top positive and negative movers in an easy-to-consume bar chart.

Why it matters: Gives an online marketer the information to zero in on the domains within a category that are driving growth then target those domains in their own strategy.

See how traffic composition breaks down at an industry level
Look at any industry category as a whole to see the common sources of traffic in an instant

Why it’s important: For site owners who want to benchmark their overall strategy against their industry, this provides critical context

Enabled by methodology enhancements to Compete data

All of these advances are enabled by several enhancements to the Compete data methodology that we’ll talk about in a later post.

We hope this gives you an understanding of the newly reinvented referral analytics, available to Compete PRO advanced members today!