A Table For Two: Yelp and OpenTable

Last week, Yelp announced an integration of OpenTable, a self-service, online restaurant reservation system. Restaurants make up around 29% of the reviewed businesses on Yelp, according to their official blog, so now researching restaurants, securing a table, and reviewing your dining experience is easier than ever before.

Yelp.com allows people to view reviews, ratings, photos, other information that may include price, ambiance, tips, hours of operation, etc and with the new OpenTable integration, you can view participating restaurants’ availability on OpenTable. If you are a registered Yelp member logged in to your account, you can make a reservation on OpenTable.com without leaving the Yelp website. You don’t even need an OpenTable account to take advantage of the new feature. However, current OpenTable users will automatically receive OpenTable points when making a reservation via Yelp as long as the same email address is used for both accounts (sweet!). Here’s a screen shot of a favorite local restaurant of mine. The OpenTable integration is highlighted in green below:

The integration with Yelp is a great opportunity for OpenTable to grow its presence in the US. What better way to start than with Yelp, which had over 25 million unique visitors in April 2010? Yelp’s member demographics are highly attractive, with over 31% of their members in the $100k income bracket. With 50% of their members being in the 25-44 age range, I’d expect there are a lot of first/second/third (and beyond) dinner and drinks dates being planned amongst the Yelp crowd.

Not surprising-both sites saw a significant increase in Daily Reach over the past week as the announcements were made public.

I’m curious to see what happens to OpenTable’s Unique Visitors, Visits, Daily Attention, Daily Reach, etc over the next few months as their relationship with Yelp blossoms. Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful relationship, which, like many relationships,start with dinner reservations.

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