Google’s Pac-Man Floods Firefox Support

Google’s 30 year anniversary playable Pac-Man logo not only took a bite out of productivity last Friday, it also flooded internet browser support centers. I must credit my friends over at Mozilla for this insight, with Chris Blizzard tweeting a number of times about the confusion it caused amongst Firefox users.  Baffled users attempted to contact their internet browser support centers, unaware that the Google logo was responsible for the arcade sounds. This indicates that some of the productivity costs were also wrapped in users reinstalling their browser and trying to figure out what was happening with their computers in the forums.

So the Google logo thing was cool, but our support forums are filled with people confused about why their browser is making weird sounds. 2:34 PM May 21st via web by ChrisBlizzard

With all of this mayhem my curiosity was peaked piqued (thanks Ross), so I decided to run the daily attention and reach metrics for Firefox’s support center. The blue line, on the graph below, displays the Daily Reach or the average number of visits to as a percentage of all US internet users for that day. The green line is plotting the Daily Attention or the total amount of time spent on site in relationship to all hours spent online for that day. As you can see, Friday the 21st was a peak for both daily attention and reach. The growth for Daily Reach was up 52.56% from the prior day while the Daily Attention saw a 47.71% increase, whoa!

Daily Reach and Attention Metrics for

There has also been quite a stir about the amount of time spent playing the game on the homepage. We calculated a daily average of 2 minutes 20 seconds for Friday the 21st and 1minute 48 seconds the day prior. On average users spent about 30% more time blissfully at the Google homepage dogging Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde while gobbling up dots, cherries, bananas, and other miscellaneous snack items.

For those who missed the Pac-Man nostalgic love fest, worry not as Google has dedicated a permanent home to it at

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