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Hottest Tickets Around

"What is this you’re listening to!?!", "Back in my day"¦now that’s music!" The familiar sounds of parents sounding off as their kids blast the latest hits from top artists such as Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas. I however, have the feeling that despite their ranting about how the music back in their day was "real" music, the parents and older members of the population are just as interested

Los Links

A big thanks for Bing for this customized video for Compete’s 2010 Digital CMO summit! Compete had the privilege of hosting its 7th annual dCMO summit in sunny Miami, FL. Over 130 advertising, agency and media company executives gathered to describe, discuss and debate the unyielding impact of the internet on our marketing universe. Attendees heard from true thought leaders who shared first-hand experiences from their organizations, and discussed how

Sonata Most Shopped Model in May

As the US economy slowly emerges from recession, one encouraging sign of recovery is in-market shopper demand* for new cars and trucks. Thus far in 2010 the number of new vehicle shoppers has increased to levels not seen for at least two years. In May 2010, new vehicle demand totaled 2.8 million shoppers, its highest level since February 2008. Given overall market trends, most brands have seen more shoppers. However,

Calling All Armchair Volunteers — The Gulf is Still Your Responsibility

Before April 20, 2010, the phrase "environmental disaster" was almost synonymous with the Exxon Valdez oil spill that tarnished the beautiful waters of the Prince Edward Sound by spilling nearly 10.8 million gallons of crude oil into its waters. Now, the only thing on the minds of Americans when they hear this same phrase involves merely just two letters: B-P. Conducting a drilling exploration 42 miles southeast of Venice Louisiana,

Big Brand Theory: The Expanding Universe Of Online

In his June post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen Dimarco gives insight into online branding, exploring what he learned from major brands Kodak, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Proctor & Gamble. Dimarco breaks down the fundamentals of developing online branding, furthering our knowledge of steps necessary to measure our successes. He highlights the five key points he believes drive successful online branding: taking risks, creating a personal experience for


If you follow Compete on twitter, you may have seen a Friday afternoon (or late morning if you are a West Coast data lover) come and go with some mentions of data nuggets, promptly scratched your head, and wondered “What the heck is a data nugget?” As a new member of the team, the first time I heard the term “data nugget” I immediately thought “mmmm sweet and sour

Referral Analytics We Don't Just Make-up

A week after Compete’s release of new the Referral Analytics tool, the internet market continues to buzz with excitement over the latest features and capabilities. The new tool was released in tandem with Compete’s May data, unleashing valuable information that more accurately reflects site traffic and total visits. Through the referral analytics tool, a site owner can delve into the channel map (below) which shows percent visits from the various

Videos Your Boss Wants You To View At Work

Compete is pleased to announce the Compete Digital CMO Series. Over the next 3 months, Compete will be featuring videos, presentations and digital insights from industry leaders who attended the Compete Digital CMO Summit this past May. The Digital CMO Summit is an annual event that brings together the industry’s top thought leaders and marketing practitioners who are pioneering our digital universe and answering the questions of the next frontier.

Compete Webinar: Spend Smarter. Acquire Better. Introducing Enhanced Referral Analytics With Compete PRO!

Join us for a Webinar on June 24th from 2-3pm EDT Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now! Last week, Compete launched an enhanced Referral Analytics product that will help you understand your competitors’ and your industry’s marketing strategy. Learn from it, adapt to it, and then outperform it. Eric Austrew, Director of Product Management for, will give an exclusive walk through of the new and improved Compete

Nissan Turns A New Leaf

In the short time window an online ad has to catch one’s eye, its ability to capture ones engagement within just a few seconds is imperative. Last Wednesday an advertisement for Nissan Leaf on the AOL homepage managed to do just that. The flash ad contained various images starting with that of a coffee cup with the phrase "the new fuel" appearing within the ad frame. Following phrases included "the

Consumer Perceptions of Travel Value Not Promising

In response to the lingering recession, the travel industry has had to aggressively cut prices and at the same time promote value.   Compete recently surveyed its panelists on their perception of value by travel category, 2010 vs. 2009.  "Value" is always difficult to define; in this case we asked respondents to consider things such as price and amenities each category offers.  The same respondents ranked all four categories: Flight, Hotel,