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Affiliate Recruitment With Referral Analytics

On Sunday, I came across Geno Prussakov’s blog post called Recruit Affiliates with Intelligence & Link Building Tools on Although the post is brief, it makes the point that competitive intelligence and link building tools are “powerful affiliate recruitment tools.” Geno is a noted consultant, author, blogger, and international speakers on all things Affiliate Marketing, so I appreciate his support of competitive intelligence tools and calling out Compete PRO

Top 50 Websites in March 2010

On 4/27, Compete,  released its ranking of the top 50 Web sites for March 2010. March’s rankings revealed harbingers of spring — interest in home improvement and baseball — and fading recession fears, evidenced by spikes in traffic to Compete’s "Theme Parks" and "Vacation Packagers" categories. Read the full press release….

Using the Online Channel for CPG Product Launch: Yoplait Greek

How do you launch a new product in the $3.7B yogurt industry?  That’s a question that Yoplait, a General Mills brand, recently tackled with the launch of Yoplait Greek.  The Greek yogurt market already has several top competitors including Fage and Chobani.  However, Yoplait Greek managed to attract ninety thousand consumers to its site in the month of March.  That volume is 3x the number of visitors compared to the