Affiliate Recruitment With Referral Analytics

On Sunday, I came across Geno Prussakov’s blog post called Recruit Affiliates with Intelligence & Link Building Tools on Although the post is brief, it makes the point that competitive intelligence and link building tools are “powerful affiliate recruitment tools.” Geno is a noted consultant, author, blogger, and international speakers on all things Affiliate Marketing, so I appreciate his support of competitive intelligence tools and calling out Compete PRO specifically.

I know Geno’s opinion is greatly respected, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to discuss how Compete PRO can help you in your affiliate recruitment efforts.

Compete’s Site Profiles and Search Analytics tools can be great when it comes to finding a website’s analytics metrics or discovering what websites get the most traffic from a keyword.  However, a lot of the real powering lies within Compete PRO Referral Analytics.

It’s within Compete’s Referral Analytics that you can see what websites are sending traffic to a specific website or category. This can be particularly helpful in identifying which affiliate websites your competitors are working with (just by seeing what affiliates are sending traffic to them). Or, you can see where people go when they leave a specific website or category. For instance, if traffic that leaves your website or your competitor’s website goes back to a deal site, you want to make sure they are part of your affiliate program for re-targeting opportunities.

Finding answers to questions like who is referring traffic to a website, what share of all  referral traffic are they sending, and is the referral share going up or down, is critical when qualifying a potential affiliate or finding affiliate prospects.  Within a Compete PRO Referral Analytics Report you can find answers to these questions.

Access to Referral Analytics is available through Compete PRO Advanced.  In a couple of weeks we’ll be releasing more features and enhancements to this tool. Stay tuned for more details.

About Drew Fortin:
Drew is responsible for strategy and execution of marketing initiatives for, including affiliate, blog, email, lead generation, paid search, and social media. Before Compete, Drew worked for office supply giant, Staples, Inc. where he had the opportunity to manage multiple online marketing channels for, including affiliate, SEO/SEM, and comparison shopping engines. Follow Drew on Twitter or link him on LinkedIn.