Using the Online Channel for CPG Product Launch: Yoplait Greek

How do you launch a new product in the $3.7B yogurt industry?  That’s a question that Yoplait, a General Mills brand, recently tackled with the launch of Yoplait Greek.  The Greek yogurt market already has several top competitors including Fage and Chobani.  However, Yoplait Greek managed to attract ninety thousand consumers to its site in the month of March.  That volume is 3x the number of visitors compared to the next largest Greek yogurt site.  So how did the company manage this?  The answer lies in marketing of course.

Yoplait Greek used a combination of online display and search engine marketing to create awareness of the product and drive consumers to its website.  Display advertising drove 26% of site visitors and search advertising drove 6% of visitors to the site.  Display ads ran on high reach placements like Yahoo and Facebook to drive awareness.Yoplait Greek also had top sponsored search ranking on keywords like "yogurt" and "greek yogurt".  Both display and sponsored search campaigns were aligned in their messaging calling out the benefit of "2x the protein with 0% fat".

Yoplait Greek also had a single call-to-action to download a coupon which was featured prominently on every page on the site.  Of the 90K consumers who visited in March, 45% downloaded a coupon.  Now that’s not a conversion rate you see every day! The key take away from the Yoplait Greek case study is that marketers need to use display and search advertising hand-in-hand with aligned messaging.  Also keep it simple for consumers without offering too many choices to take action.  By keeping it simple nearly 1 out of every 2 visitors did exactly what the marketer wanted in this example by downloading a coupon.