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The Wallet Wars — Round 5

In the earlier blogs I talked about trends among credit card owners. What about people who are in market for credit cards? Are they seeking features similar to what current credit card owners find appealing? What resources do they use when they shop? Where do they apply? What are they looking for? Features shoppers sought in credit cards are illustrated in Chart 1. Shoppers were asked to rank the features

Announcing ThinkTech: Wireless 2.0 Shopper Webinar!

Lady Gaga isn’t the only one creating a ruckus about ‘Telephones’ these days…Google and Compete are excited to share their latest research findings on cell phone and smart phone shoppers. With so many choices, how do consumers make wireless telephone purchase decisions? How do they shop online, and how can marketers effectively command their attention? For answers to these questions and more, join Compete’s Mobile & Wireless expert, Danielle Nohe,

How To Keep Tabs On The Competition

On Monday, I received Inc. Magazine’s April 2010 Issue in the mail. Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger was on the front cover next to a headline that read “Inside The Virtual Company – How smart entrepreneurs are finding money and happiness in an office-free life.”  Before opening to this feature,  I continued reading the other cover headlines… “How to Sell Anything” (seems like black magic), “Tips from the world’s toughest

You Say You Want a 4G EVOlution. Well, you know"¦.

Recently, Sprint announced its latest device, the HTC EVO, crammed with impressive features such as two built in cameras, HD video capabilities, a 4.3 inch touch screen display, and even a little extendable leg to prop the HTC EVO up for easy video viewing.  However, the most trend-setting feature of them all may be its 4G network technology.  4G, or 4th generation, marks the next big step in mobile phone

The Wallet wars — Round 4 — Features attractive to specific segments

Round 3 recap: Overall, credit card owners find "˜zero annual fees’ the most appealing credit card feature. While on average, some form of reward — reward points, bonus on purchases, cash back, and airline miles — is more appealing than low interest rates. A credit card issuer would be interested in not only what is popular overall but also which features are most appealing to specific segments. For example, which

Display Campaigns Drive as Much as 50% of Retailer Site Traffic

There has been quite a bit of talk in the online advertising community about attribution modeling which raises the question of how much credit the last ad should actually get when a user visits a site or performs a key purchase indicator?  Many companies are looking at attribution modeling to determine the true effectiveness of an ad beyond just what the click-through and direct response metrics portray.  The primary contention

Webmaster Radio Interviews Compete at SES 2010

While at the latest Search Engine Strategies Conference, SES 2010 in New York City, Webmaster Radio caught up with Eric Austrew, Director of Product Management for, about the company’s data methodology, product offerings, and product development strategy. Click here to listen to the interview.

Compete Ranks Top Olympics Related Content

With the Winter Olympics finally at a close it’s interesting to look back over the top referral analytics metrics over February. It seems that NBC did a good job of branding the ceremony as the bulk of referring keywords to included "NBC" in the search.  Referral analytics for and told a slightly different story, with people most interested in the athletes themselves. Both Lindsey Vonn and Shaun

XFINITY. Comcast without the baggage or something new?

On February 12th, 2010, Comcast launched a new brand name for its consumer wireline products, which include high-speed internet, television and landline phone service, dubbed: XFINITY.  Promoting "More Entertainment", "More Choices", "More Control", "More Speed", "More HD" and the promise to "transform your TV", XFINITY premiered in 11 markets where Comcast has completed infrastructure upgrades to accommodate the increases in bandwidth.\  Like many marketing launches, much of what is promised