How To Keep Tabs On The Competition

On Monday, I received Inc. Magazine’s April 2010 Issue in the mail. Graham Hill, founder of TreeHugger was on the front cover next to a headline that read “Inside The Virtual Company – How smart entrepreneurs are finding money and happiness in an office-free life.”  Before opening to this feature,  I continued reading the other cover headlines… “How to Sell Anything” (seems like black magic), “Tips from the world’s toughest customers” (definitely going to read that one), “What makes great sales people tick” (incentives?), “On the road with a super salesman” (maybe a journal piece about some super regimented sales guy?), “Meet the guy behind Five Guys Burgers and Fries” (I love that place!), “How to Keep Tabs on the Competition” (Wait…That’s Compete!)…

Hoping to find mention of, I immediately flipped to the latest Inc. Guidebook and read the three page guide. Although there is no mention of, or any other competitive intelligence providers, the guide points out why “competitive intelligence may be more important to small companies that to large ones.” It also includes pointers from Craig Fleisher, former president of the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals.

Fleisher says “the lapse [in competitive intelligence research] is holding…companies back.” He also says that “[at successful companies] competitive intelligence is part of the day-to-day operation – part of the fabric of the enterprise.”

The guide keeps things at a high level, discussing competitive mapping, developing a strategy, and gathering intelligence. It’s a quick read and I highly recommend it for those getting started with their competitive intelligence strategy.

Click here to read the Inc. Guidebook – “How to Keep Tabs on The Competition,” and, when you’re ready, visit to start getting the insights you need to benchmark your performance against your competitors and monitor their online strategies.

About Drew Fortin:
Drew is responsible for strategy and execution of marketing initiatives for, including affiliate, blog, email, lead generation, paid search, and social media. Before Compete, Drew worked for office supply giant, Staples, Inc. where he had the opportunity to manage multiple online marketing channels for, including affiliate, SEO/SEM, and comparison shopping engines. Follow Drew on Twitter or link him on LinkedIn.