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Top College Sports-Related Content and Search Terms for March 2010

Yesterday, Compete released its ranking of the top college sports-related content and search terms for March 2010. March Madness is always a boon for the sports category, and this year’s Cinderella stories and major upsets continued the trend. In fact, Compete’s college sports category recorded a bigger jump in March than “shopping blogs” and “business blogs,” rising 84 percent over the prior month and pulling in more than 10 million

March 2010 Search Market Share

Recently the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke the 11,000 mark, and The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index®, which had decreased in February, rebounded in March.  Both are good signs for those of us looking for positive indications of an economic recovery, but is the search market exhibiting a similar trend and helping to paint a rosy outlook?

Smartphone Use in Travel Has Room to Grow

As smartphones get smarter and more powerful, it is likely their use for more complex tasks, including travel research and booking, will increase.  But how close are we to that becoming reality?  Compete used its ability to field behaviorally targeted surveys to ask smartphone owners about their use of these devices for travel research and booking.

Ben and Jerry’s Declares Free Cone Day

I apologize to all the lactose intolerant people reading this post, but ice cream is one of the most delicious foods in the world.  It comes in hundreds of different flavors; it can be filled with any fruit, candy, baked good, or chocolate creation; and you can top it with anything under the sun.  The only thing better than ice cream is free ice cream.  Once a year, as a

Online Shopper Intelligence Study Reports Cross Channel Retailing is Important and Profitable

The Compete Online Shopper Intelligence study provides powerful insight into the complete online shopping experience.  For more consumers insights, please contact Debra Miller at for more information. Through policies as simple as in-store returns for online purchases to more sophisticated tools like mobile shopping apps, retailers are working towards breaking down the barriers between offline, online, and mobile shopping.  And it is a good thing retailers are working on

The Curious Case of Honda

An article in a recent edition of BusinessWeek detailed the woes of Honda. It discussed the automaker’s declining US market share as well as product missteps — most notably Crosstour and Insight — and its inability to cash in on Toyota’s problems while other competitors have been quick to capitalize. Here at Compete we decided to take a deeper dive into just what’s troubling Honda to uncover the root causes

Dear Cable Companies: You are Losing the Online Battle for the "American Couch Potato"

Last week, The Convergence Consulting Group’s latest research report, "The Battle for the American Couch Potato," received a lot of press. The title of the report is a separate blog topic"”what I’m here to discuss is the company’s "major finding" that by the end of 2009, nearly 800,000 households in the US had "cut the cord""”dumping their cable, satellite, or telco TV providers for Web-based videos and downloadable shows. Articles

Can Facebook Personalize the Internet?

Facebook’s new platform is turning the heads of publishers everywhere.  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced Open Graph at Facebook’s F8 developers conference in San Francisco.  By adding one line of HTML to their sites, publishers will be able to serve relevant content based on the the users’ Facebook profile (so long as the user is logged into FB at the same time). Although it’s primary intent is to provide a

Online March Madness

March is a big month for sports, with the drama of the NCAA Tournament plus MLB excitement as a new baseball season kicks off. In March, three of the Compete 250 sites with the greatest month-over-month (m-o-m) changes were, not surprisingly, sports related. and grew 982% and 121%, respectively, m-o-m in March. Also,’s March Madness on Demand, which streams live video of every game from the NCAA

Are Facebook Fan Pages Working for Wireless Carriers?

Compete recently reported that moved up the rankings into the #2 most popular site in the U.S, surpassing  With Facebook continuing to grow, the importance of social networking sites to companies is higher than ever.  As we have discovered previously, the percentage of wireless shoppers also visiting has increased dramatically over the past year, which means wireless carriers have a huge opportunity to reach their current and

Vacation Season Search

With the arrival of spring, more people will be thinking "vacation."Â Â  And more likely than not, that means consumers will research vacations online when looking for that perfect location, and that research is likely to include search.  To help reveal the connection between search and sites, Compete assessed the Top 10 travel-related sites that consumers were referred after searching on that very word: "vacation" on any of the major search