Olympics All The Buzz in February

February data is live and online Olympics coverage is everywhere! Of the top 15,000 fastest moving websites, domains related to NBC universal (the exclusive owner of media rights to 2010 Winter Olympics coverage), Vancouver, and the Olympics in general dominated the charts. Accounting for tens of millions of visitors, it’s safe to assume that NBC’s bid for exclusive coverage definitely paid off.

Over that past couple of months, Compete’s own Elaine Sanfilippo covered the Games’ impact on NBCOlympics.com and Vancouver2010.com. Using Daily Reach and Attention metrics, Sanfilippo was able show how NBC’s website pulled ahead of Vancouver’s official site. Now that February Data is live, analysis of unique visitors to each website answers her original question of who was going to win online gold in Vancouver.

Substantial increases in traffic to sites like hellobc.com shows that websites specializing in Olympics coverage weren’t the only benefactors. In fact, the hellobc.com commercial that aired multiple times during the Games garnered over 400K views on YouTube.

hellobc.com commercial on YouTube

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