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The Wallet wars — Round 3 — Preferred card features

Round 2 recap: An average American credit card holder owns 4.4 credit cards, of which only 2 cards are used frequently; the others are rarely or never used. Hence a credit card has to compete with other credit cards for share of wallet. While deciding which card to use for a purchase, there are primarily two groups of card owners: 1. Those who have a primary card that they regularly

Search still feeling the love in February

February seems to have brought with it an amplification of the current trends in the search space.  Overall query volume dropped 6.2% in February, but with 10% fewer days in the month, such a drop actually implies continued search growth overall. The major search engines continue their recent market share trend; Google capturing the lion’s share and steady, Bing continuing to gain ground while Yahoo! continues on its downward trend.

Is that any way to make an impression?

"Click fraud" is something we all know to be on guard against, thanks to investigation and reporting that’s extended even into mainstream news.  Based on recent research, we’d encourage advertisers and agencies to be on the lookout for impressions, too, that aren’t 100% genuine.  And we’d urge publishers to work on eliminating "˜bad’ impressions before they create a new round of headaches for all the people who are trying to

Talk is Cheap – Verizon Wireless to Allow Skype Calls

Starting today, Verizon Wireless will allow the use of Skype’s Internet calling service on some of its smartphones.  At first glance, this move doesn’t seem to make much sense.  Why would Verizon Wireless allow customers to place calls for free when it generates millions of dollars in monthly calling plan fees?  The top brass at Verizon Wireless hasn’t decided to give away something that many are gladly paying for; in

The Wallet Wars — Round 2 — Which card to use?

The Wallet Wars — Round 2 — Which card to use? In Wallet wars — Part 1 I talked about the competition between credit cards, debit cards and cash. However, a credit card does not just have to compete with debit cards and cash — it also has to compete with other credit cards that the cardholder carries! For credit card issuers already wrestling with implications of the Credit Card

March Madness Goes Online

March might be my favorite month:  The first day of spring, baseball’s spring training, meaningful NBA games, and *VERY* meaningful NCAA games. Even more so than the Super Bowl, March Madness excites people of all walks.  People who you never heard mutter anything about sports, other than the color of their "outfits" or uniforms seem to enter a pool and fill out a bracket with their picks.  Often times some

February Fast Movers

February data is live on and we’ve ranked the fastest moving websites and fastest moving industry categories by month-over-month change in Unique Visitors. Fastest moving websites: Similar to January’s fastest moving websites and with the fast approaching April 15th deadline, tax sites continue to rein supreme in the top 10., and had impressive growth in February as people gear up to file their taxes.  The other

The Device That Goes Everywhere Helps Take You Anywhere

Compete will be at CTIA Wireless 2010 and is emceeing the Mobile Marketing & Advertising special session for agencies and brands to learn more about the burgeoning mobile channel on March 22nd. If you would like to set up a meeting with Compete during the show, please email Danielle Nohe at I’m in the middle of planning my next vacation — in May I will be venturing on a

Olympics All The Buzz in February

February data is live and online Olympics coverage is everywhere! Of the top 15,000 fastest moving websites, domains related to NBC universal (the exclusive owner of media rights to 2010 Winter Olympics coverage), Vancouver, and the Olympics in general dominated the charts. Accounting for tens of millions of visitors, it’s safe to assume that NBC’s bid for exclusive coverage definitely paid off.

The Wallet Wars — Part 1

Ever wondered how people use credit cards, debit cards and cash? Which is used more often? How do people choose between these while making a payment? 181M Americans are predicted to own credit cards in 2010[1]. At the same time debit cards also seem to be widely used. I was curious to understand what the trends in this segment really were. At Compete we decided to analyze this segment and

Compete Data Methodology White Paper

Here at Compete, we spend a lot of time and energy on the data methodology behind our panel.  We also get questions from our customers and partners about the panel, as well as how we get to the metrics that really matter to online businesses.  With that, we’re happy to announce the release of our new Compete Data Methodology white paper.  In it, you’ll find information on: Our multi-source panel