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Going for the Gold in Vancouver"¦ and Online

The 2010 Winter Olympics officially kick off tonight with the Opening Ceremonies. I admit that I’m an Olympics junkie. I TiVo every round of competition for practically every sport (curling!) and watch marathon sessions from my couch protected from the cold outside by my Snuggie. I consider myself a dedicated athlete. This year, it appears that fans are getting their viewing schedules ready early: 4 of the top 13 search

The Online Impact of Toyota’s Recalls to Date

In late January, Toyota US announced it would recall about 2.3million vehicles over defective accelerator pedals and floor mats.  Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about this recall not only because it’s been all over the news, but because you or someone you know owns a Toyota that is affected.  They are, after all, among the world’s largest auto manufacturers. Compete investigated the extent to which the recall

Getting good behavior from your ad network

Media planners dwell in a quandary: the efficiencies presented by ad networks and the effectiveness promised by behavioral targeting make perfect sense, but there are hundreds of players in this space and differentiating between them can be difficult.  How good is their inventory?  How good is their targeting?  How can you know — in advance or even after a campaign — whether you’ve made the best choice?

Can web traffic predict Grammy winners?

Now that the Grammys have come and gone, we thought it might be fun to see if web traffic could be used to predict the outcome of a few categories.  Specifically, we thought we’d take a look at the Record of the Year (for best individual song of the year) and Album of the Year (for best overall album) results.  Interestingly, both categories contained almost the exact same group of

Truth in Engineering"¦ and Marketing

The financial crash of 2008 hit few industries harder than automotive.  We saw timeless US automotive manufacturers file for bankruptcy while others experienced record sales declines.  Despite this, some brands, like Audi, were able to weather the storm better than others.  How?  In part, thanks to successful marketing.  I first started paying attention to the brand after seeing a creative, futuristic commercial about a year ago.  Beginning in a dimly

Doppelganger Week Turns To Urban Dictionary

Last week was an interesting one for trends on Facebook.  The week started off with celebrity doppelganger, where everyone changed their profile picture to their supposed celebrity look alike.  As the week wrapped up, another trend started where the Facebook masses used to search for their first name.  They then pasted whatever definition was returned and used that as their status message.  So, what impact did this Facebook phenomenon

The Role of Search in the Online Deposits Market

Compete recently held a webinar in which we analyzed the role that search plays in consumers’ online research for deposit products (savings, checking, CDs, etc.).  The study revealed some interesting findings about just how prevalent search is within the consumer buying cycle.  Some of the key findings from this webinar include: Overall online shopper and applicant volume declined in 2009, however share of online shoppers utilizing search, especially Google, increased

Conan vs. Leno: Coco Must Go

I had mixed emotions when I tuned into Conan O’Brien’s last episode as the host of NBC’s Tonight Show a couple of Fridays ago.  However, my emotions quickly became "joyous and inspirational" as I listened to Conan, also known to his fans as Coco.  Conan mentioned how he was finally allowed to say anything he wanted about NBC and the debacle with Jay Leno over the Tonight Show spot.  Conan

Oscar Mayer Brings Good Mood

With the unemployment rate at 10%, the stock market 30% below its peak from the fall of 2007 and companies continuing to announce layoffs, it can be hard to remain optimistic these days.  However, Oscar Mayer is trying to change that by bringing some cheer with its Good Mood Mission campaign, which is a charity program aimed at feeding the hungry.  Consumers are encouraged to go to their Good Mood

Compete Ranks December’s Top Food and Cooking Sites

Last Thursday, Compete released its ranking of the top 50 food and cooking Web sites for December 2009. In addition to the typical seasonal traffic spike, the cooking and grocery sites categories have both sustained significant year-over-year growth. Traffic to recipe sites grew in 2009 as a number of the online outlets added mobile applications and new ways to interact with their brands. In addition, grocery store chains attempted to

Travel Industry Rebound Based on Site Traffic: The Other Side of the Coin

Compete recently completed an analysis showing early signs of the travel industry’s recovery based on overall site traffic to industry websites. Compete has used its ability to identify unique consumers to calculate annual unique volumes from 2007 to 2009. In summary, hotel and cruise showed signs of recovery starting in early 2009, while the recovery for air and car rental first appeared mid-year.