People Love Free Pants!

During last week’s Super Bowl, one of the Dockers commercials featured a parade of pantless men marching through a field while cheering "I wear no pants!"Â  At the end of the commercial there was a call to action for men to "wear the pants" and to visit the site for a chance to receive a free pair of pants.  Not surprisingly, there was an immediate online response to this commercial.

The chart below illustrates the Daily Reach for, or, how many people visited the site as a percentage of all U.S. Internet users.  On Sunday February 7th, Super Bowl Sunday, the Daily Reach for shot up to 0.32%.  In the year leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, the Daily Reach average for was just 0.006%.  That’s a substantial increase in traffic aided by its ad and free pants promotion.

Now, who’s wearing the free pants in your household?