Study Finds Link Between Brand Building and Search

NEW YORK Feb 9, 2010 "” Initial research conducted by Wunderman, BrandAsset® Consulting, ZAAZ and Compete has found that the search engine consumers use to find a brand’s website impacts their perception of that brand and impacts their decisions made while they’re on the site.

"Search begins with the choice of search engine," said David Sable, vice chairman and COO of Wunderman, one of the companies involved in the research. "What this means if you are managing a brand is this: you need to know how consumers relate to Bing, Yahoo! or Google and how that reflects on you."

In this first-of-its-kind research, loyal users of Bing, Yahoo! and Google were found to have distinct characteristics that benefit some brands more than others. The research was funded by Wunderman, BrandAsset® Consulting, ZAAZ and Compete exclusively.

"This research demonstrates that marketers have a real choice to make when formulating search strategies," said Shane Atchison, CEO of ZAAZ. "The search engine acts as a kind of "˜train’ on the Internet. Each train provides a different set of unique results or "˜destinations.’ Consumer preference for a specific train demonstrates a unique demographic and psychographic profile."

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