Doppelganger Week Turns To Urban Dictionary

Last week was an interesting one for trends on Facebook.  The week started off with celebrity doppelganger, where everyone changed their profile picture to their supposed celebrity look alike.  As the week wrapped up, another trend started where the Facebook masses used to search for their first name.  They then pasted whatever definition was returned and used that as their status message.  So, what impact did this Facebook phenomenon have for Urban Dictionary?

The chart below illustrates Daily Reach, or, how many people visited as a percentage of all U.S. Internet users.  On Tuesday February 2nd, the Daily Reach for started its climb, which peaked on Wednesday February 3rd at 2.5%.  That’s a pretty significant spike considering the average Daily Reach for over the past year is 0.13%.

Who will be the next site to benefit from a Facebook trend?  We’ll be watching"¦

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