Oscar Mayer Brings Good Mood

With the unemployment rate at 10%, the stock market 30% below its peak from the fall of 2007 and companies continuing to announce layoffs, it can be hard to remain optimistic these days.  However, Oscar Mayer is trying to change that by bringing some cheer with its Good Mood Mission campaign, which is a charity program aimed at feeding the hungry.  Consumers are encouraged to go to their Good Mood Mission site to submit a "good mood" comment that starts with "it doesn’t get better than".  For each good mood submitted, the company will donate a pound of food to Feeding America, a hunger relief charity organization.  I submitted a "good mood" myself and I did end up in a better mood just by thinking about the things that put me in a good mood.

The 125-year old Kraft brand, Oscar Mayer, kicked off the campaign using high reach ad buys including a 30 second television spot during the Golden Globe Awards on January 17th and a Yahoo homepage ad on January 19th.

The results of the Yahoo campaign illustrate the importance of online media for driving online activities like submitting good moods for the Oscar Mayer campaign.  Compete looked at the impact of the Yahoo homepage ad by measuring the visitation rate to the Good Mood Mission site; 0.2% of exposed consumers visited the Oscar Mayer site within a week of their ad exposure on Yahoo.  That may sound low, but the online ad did achieve a very respectable lift versus the baseline. Compared to a control group of consumers who did not see the ad on Yahoo, exposed consumers were 1282% more likely to visit Good Mood Mission.

Interestingly, Compete’s analysis detected a higher rate of engagement by females and consumers between the ages of 25 and 44.  One wonders whether this is a sign of brand affinity within a demographic that shops for groceries including hot dogs — or is it simply that we females also tend to share our emotions more often than our male counterparts?

Oscar Mayer is also creating buzz via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to spread this positive brand association and really standout among the many products that are thrown in our face each day.  So how successful has this campaign been?  The site has received an additional 241,000 "good mood" submissions just in the last few weeks.  The company is quickly approaching its goal of 2 million pounds of food donation with nearly 1.25 million pounds donated so far.  The Good Mood Mission campaign is a great example of how advertisers can get consumers to engage with their brand beyond just purchasing their product.