Compete’s CMO on Audience Insights, Not Audience Measurement

On 1/26, Compete’s CMO,  Stephen DiMarco, posted a blog on Media Post’s Online Metrics Insider about how  “the precision of online media is both a blessing and a curse for marketers. Left unchecked for way too long, online advertising has been overrun by tactics and success measures that are singularly suited for direct marketers and are not so effective for brand builders.”

Read DiMarco’s full post.

About Drew Fortin:
Drew is responsible for strategy and execution of marketing initiatives for, including affiliate, blog, email, lead generation, paid search, and social media. Before Compete, Drew worked for office supply giant, Staples, Inc. where he had the opportunity to manage multiple online marketing channels for, including affiliate, SEO/SEM, and comparison shopping engines. Follow Drew on Twitter or link him on LinkedIn.