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"Game Over" for Wii?

When Nintendo first introduced the Wii in 2006, they did so with a lower price point than the competition and a focus on capturing interest from all demographics.  Demand for the Wii was so high that finding a Wii in a store was a rarity until earlier this year.  Since then, Nintendo has dominated in sales of consoles leaving both the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) and the Microsoft Xbox360 in

Want a Tip about Podcasting? Digital 180 Speaks with Tippingpoint Labs’ Chief Strategy Officer

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Andrew Davis.  Andrew founded Tippingpoint Labs with James Cosco in 2002.  Since the early nineties Andrew has been creating valuable content for companies like The Jim Henson Company, CNN, The Today Show and even MTV. Andrew spoke with Digital 180 about podcasting and what he sees as an evolution in podcasting.  "I think podcasting as a whole has kind off fallen off

More Castrol Traffic No Fantasy

For months, traffic to has trailed rivals, notably  That all changed in September, with the Castrol site reaching its highest traffic level in at least a year and pulling ahead of Shell.  The gains were unique to Castrol, so are not seasonal.  Not seasonal to oil at least"¦

Digital 180 Speaks with Espresso's Managing Director Marta Kagan

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, spoke with Marta Kagan, who leads Espresso’s growing Boston office.   As the outspoken voice behind The Secret Diary of a Bonafide Marketing Genius, Marta writes and speaks frequently about branding and advertising in the digital channel.  Her viral hit What the F**k is Social Media? has been translated into seven languages.

Apple Having a Little Fun

When you take a look at online display ads today, it is usually automotive or entertainment companies that have splashy eye-catching ads.  But leave it to Apple to pave the way for more exciting ads that standout in the Tech category.  Apple has made headlines before with creative video ads aimed at attacking its rival Microsoft on the front pages of top news sites like Wall Street Journal and New

HTC Poised to Grow as Smartphone Market Expands

T-Mobile’s MyTouch 3G commercials may be all over the TV and internet these days, but most consumers viewing these commercials are probably not aware that HTC is actually the device’s manufacturer.  HTC has long been making innovative handsets that, more often than not in the US, are branded by the wireless carrier at which they are available.  In fact, HTC provided the hardware behind the first two Android-capable phones in

Getting The Most Out Of Compete PRO : Keyword Destination Reports

It’s time to get a little bit tactical. On the Compete blog, we talk about data all the time, but very rarely do we actually “show” and not just “tell.” I get pretty fired up about Compete PRO, and the latest enhancements to Search Analytics provide a great excuse to devote an entire post to my favorite Compete PRO report: Keyword Destination. Call it shameless self-promotion, but as far as

Walmart and Amazon declare war : Online Retailers Fight for Book Sales

Many epic battles have been fought on soil, but far fewer in cyberspace.  Leave it to Walmart and Amazon to break that barrier.  Walmart and Amazon (and newcomer Target) are currently locked in an all out price war over online book sales that has culminated into the American Booksellers Association asking the Department of Justice to launch an antitrust investigation.

Clicking Their Way to Home Improvement: How Consumers are using the web in home improvement projects

I think Macgyver is the ultimate handyman.  The way he is able to fix, create, or build whatever it is he needs under nearly any circumstances is amazing. Most Americans don’t have Macgyver’s knowledge, capabilities, or writers- but what many of us do have is access to the Internet.  And when it comes to fixing, creating, or building, people are using it in record numbers.

Ads That Reject The Click

Is online advertising a good vehicle for reaching brand advertising goals?  Judged by their actions, more and more advertisers are voting "yes."Â  During the past several months, we’ve observed a gradual but decisive stride from an ambivalent stance toward a full embrace of online media as a branding tool. This past week, we witnessed a Ford display campaign that to us represented a noteworthy waypoint in the development of online

September Search Share: The Bing train keeps rolling but not at Google’s expense

Apparently all the kiddos heading back to school are not turning to search engines to do their homework. Overall September web search activity remained at seasonal lows with no strong indication of recovery. In September, online users submitted 200MM less queries than they did in August. The majority of this decline came from Yahoo! (serving 100 MM less queries in September than August or an 8% decline).