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Startup-Watch: A Closer Look at

One of the companies I’ve been following for a long time is is a website for folks selling craft items — or as they put it "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade."Â  More broadly, they are referred to in the startup world as P2P commerce (person-to-person) — similar to eBay or any other site that enables person-to-person transactions with the website in the middle taking

Visa and the NFL team up for another season

Football is in full swing as we enter the midpoint of November and are two months into the NFL season.  Many teams are still in the hunt for a playoff berth which makes for numerous exciting and must see games each weekend.  Not only are the fans of these teams enthused by this but also companies that sponsor the league. The start of the NFL season brings excitement to sponsors

Droid Really Does

The Motorola Droid is here.  And though I’m a little disappointed it didn’t actually arrive via Stealth Bomber, it did come in with a bang.  From all of the buzz online and an aggressive advertising campaign, Verizon Wireless has declared the Droid as the poster child of its new line of phones running Google’s Android OS. Speaking of Android, remember the T-Mobile G1 from last fall?  There was a ton

October Search Market Share Update: Most gain in volume but only Google gains share

Apparently October brought a lot of costume searchers online.  After several months of declining search query volumes, October query volumes ticked up 4% m-o-m. Total web search activity peaked just shy of 13 billion queries in the US.  Among the major market players nearly every engine benefitted from the lift in activity.  However behind the rising tide only one engine managed to pull ahead of the pack.

Casinos Need to Continue the Digital Evolution

Casinos, like many travel industries, have struggled during the recession.  To help gauge the impact, Compete analyzed traffic to its "Casinos" industry category.  Category traffic represents unique traffic across all sites in the category (over 100 in this case), meaning a person that visits more than one category site in a month is counted only once in that month’s category total.

The Myth of Advertising Decay

Sometimes, it seems like omniscience.  With our Ad Impact product, we’re able to measure the impact of advertising exposure on online behavior.  Did an ad lead to more visits, searches, sales?  The answer rests comfortably in Compete’s data.  This gives us an enviable perspective on how (and whether!) specific ads and ad strategies work. But of course, it takes work and experience to turn data and information into intelligence and

What’s More Important to You: Bandwidth or TV?

So what’s going on in my house this month that’s forced this Bandwidth vs. TV question?  One word: Boxee.  I could write a whole post on Boxee (maybe next time) — the short story is that thanks to Boxee, I now have the ability to easily watch videos (Netflix, Hulu, CNN, BBC) through my living room television except my Internet connection can’t handle it.  As Captain Kirk would say, "We

Who’s ready to bring clicks to bricks?

For years people have been asking the question “how does online behavior impact my offline sales?” The question has been asked so much so that an entire industry has been built around trying to find the answer. In comes Compete… Yesterday, Compete and Cannondale Associates, a marketing and sales management consulting firm, announced a partnership that gives marketers new insight into online to offline purchases.  For the first time, marketers

The "Easy to Read" Secret of Students

When I look back on my education, I can fondly remember the hours spent reading through the classic novels for English classes.  However, I would be lying if I said my classmates and I didn’t turn to Cliffs Notes for more interpretation as we read.  We were always curious about the analysis of things like Piggy’s glasses in "Lord of the Flies", and the depth of the available information for

Halloween: An Experiment in Retail Blitzing

If the Retail world sees the end of the year as the Triple Crown, Halloween would be the Kentucky Derby. It is the initial measure of shoppers’ purchasing power leading into the holidays, and companies are quick to be the first out of the gate with sales of costumes, candy, and decorations. Search behavior offers a unique perspective on how consumers use the online channel for Halloween shopping; being relevant

Dicing into Facebook Ads

If you are an advertiser who wants to drive large volumes of traffic to your site, there are two important things you are probably looking for:  reach and ease of implementing your campaign.  Facebook meets these qualifications.  It is currently the third largest site online with 125MM visitors in September and it is quickly approaching parity with the #1 and #2 publishers, Google and Yahoo.