Start-up Watch: Typepad vs. Tumblr

Back in November, Typepad announced that they would be launching their own microblogging service called Typepad Micro. What is microblogging?  The term generally refers to lightweight blogging platforms such as Micro and Tumblr as well as services such as Twitter.

As VentureBeat pointed out, "Blogging pioneer TypePad can’t take it anymore, as young and sprightly competitors Tumblr and Posterous get all the attention. So now it’s launching TypePad Micro, a short-form service that lets you just post photos, music clips, thoughts and videos. That’s a step change from the longer essays and blog posts that TypePad’s user interface has traditionally supported."

It is pretty easy to see why Typepad is getting into the microblogging business — they have been stuck at the same place for over a year. And that is while has continued to grow and now has triple the unique visitors at 28 million unique visitors.

Attacking from a different direction are pureplay microblogging services and

Both of these services are still "emerging" — but Tumblr is the larger of the two.

More worrisome for Typepad, Tumblr is growing at a fast rate and has managed to garner about 3.5 unique visitors vs. Typepad’s 9.3m.

Page views, however, tell a different story — Tumblr has actually actually past Typepad with 115 million page views to Typepad’s 66 million.

It is too early to tell if Typepad Micro will take off, but it is pretty clear that they are late to the microblogging party and will need some skill and luck to remain relevant.

About Damian Roskill:
Damian Roskill is the Managing Director of Marketing at Compete. Before Compete Damian was head of products for a video start-up and has worked in start-ups for most of his career. Damian's career aspiration is to be at one with the advertising universe. Damian can be found on Twitter as Droskill, or connect with him on LinkedIn at