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The Dove Soap Bubble

According to the Google Keyword Tool,there were 7.5 million broad match searches on the term "˜soap’ in September.  Granted that some of the searches are related to "soap operas" rather than cleansing soaps, there are still quite a few people searching for the term.  CPG companies are fueling this growth in search with increased investment in online advertising.  In fact, according to TNS, one of the leading soap brands Dove

Sept Data is Live: 2009 is BIG for Back to School

2009 is BIG for Back to School: Staples and Office Depot See YOY Growth in Q3 September marked the beginning of the school year and the end of the Back to School Season for office supply retailers. Q3 sales figures have yet to be released, but if site volume is any indicator, online office supply retailers saw a year over year boom. Industry leaders, and, each saw huge

Sweetness! Compete PRO just got that much better!

I have a sweet tooth, and everyone knows it. Whether it’s a 2 liter bottle of grape soda, a bag full of gummy worms, or a giant cherry Danish, nothing gets me rocking and rolling like a burst of sugar during my day. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy — each day for the past week and a half leading up to this launch, Gregg Poulin, my boss and

Toyota Spending Big to Get Off the Sidelines

Toyota recently announced an aggressive plan to drive US sales after losing ground to rivals.  The plan includes $1B in marketing spend in Q4 2009, which AutomotiveNews reported would make it Toyota’s largest Q4 spend ever.  Compete reviewed Toyota’s Share of Market Interest (SMI) to reveal one element of the plan’s baseline: demand relative to the market.  Brand SMI is the share of all in-market new vehicle shoppers that shopped

Netbooks gaining traction with consumers

Those of us that follow the consumer electronics industry have been hearing about the promise of netbooks for quite some time now.  The Consumer Electronics Association predicts the netbook category will generate $3.4 billion in 2009.  It seems like every major OEM, retailer and wireless carrier has plans to enter the game in some form or another. But until recently, consumers didn’t seem to be getting the message.  Based on

Walmart: A Growing Giant — Part 2

Last week we looked at how retail king Walmart has used online display advertising to drive growth in site visitors at a faster rate than its rivals. So far this year, Walmart has run several prominent display campaigns on high reach placements like the homepages of AOL and Yahoo!. Of course the marketing team at Walmart is savvy enough to test and vary the creative, messaging and the format of

JetBlue’s Creative "All You Can Jet" Boosts Reach

On August 12th, JetBlue announced an All-You-Can-Jet promotion which allows travelers to fly anywhere JetBlue flies as often as they would like within a month for $599. JetBlue ended the program sooner than expected as response was stronger than anticipated. The program had a number of quirks that make it challenging to track the drivers of its success. For example, you could enroll and book only via phone. The phone-based

The View, The Lakers, and The Motorcyclist — The Start of a Bad Joke"¦or the T-Mobile MyTouch Spokespeople?

Actress Whoopi Goldberg, LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson, and motorcycle guru/TV personality Jesse James: who would have thought anything could bring such different and bold personalities together in one TV commercial. T-Mobile did just that with the launch of its T-Mobile MyTouch campaign, focusing on how the MyTouch can be customized for any individual or personality. The T-Mobile My Touch is the second Google Android phone T-Mobile has launched; this