Sweetness! Compete PRO just got that much better!

I have a sweet tooth, and everyone knows it. Whether it’s a 2 liter bottle of grape soda, a bag full of gummy worms, or a giant cherry Danish, nothing gets me rocking and rolling like a burst of sugar during my day. I consider myself a pretty lucky guy — each day for the past week and a half leading up to this launch, Gregg Poulin, my boss and GM at compete.com, has made it part of his daily routine to pick me up a donut on his way to the office, giving me a sweet little surprise waiting at my desk every morning.

All that sugar truly made me happy. It also got me thinking: What if I could give every Compete customer a regular dose of sweetness each time they logged into their PRO account? Well, with today’s new launch, I think we’ve done just that. Check it out:

The big juicy Danish: Paid vs. Natural keyword breakdowns

Close your eyes and take a bite. A warm doughy crust gives way to a burst of gooey strawberry goodness. You’ve just tasted Paid vs. Natural at the keyword level. Why spend thousands of your own marketing dollars optimizing your own paid search campaigns? Sure, you could start from scratch, buying keywords, tweaking ad copy, and slowly building up conversions. Or you could use Compete’s new paid vs. natural keyword breakdowns to find out how key competitors and best-in-class sites drive traffic with keywords that have the highest engagement. With this data you can jump into the game three steps ahead of anyone else!

Here’s an example: Say you’re an advertiser looking to build out a keyword list for a new campaign and want to immediately see results. Simply run a search analytics report on your biggest competitor and use our new filters to find all the keywords they are bidding on. Voila! It took them weeks or months to get that keyword list, but you’re starting with it already in hand!

 Gumdrops falling from the sky: Historical Search Referral Data

The sky just opened, and it’s pouring. Sweetness, that is. This is one that our customers have asked about for a while, and here it is: 2 years of trended historical search referrals! How do search referrals change over time for a site? What is the composition of a site’s search traffic in terms of paid vs. organic search referrals? We’ve got it, and it’s yours for the taking.

Say you’re an agency pitching new search business to a prospect. Want to point out where the company has a real opportunity to drive clicks? Where the competition is getting the best of them? How seasonality impacts their industry? Step into the light, and go into the pitch knowing the prospect’s business inside and out.

Compete PRO Search Analytics - Historical Search Referrals

Chocolate Kisses: Filters and Search Intelligence

A gleaming silver wrapper uncovers a delicious chocolaty morsel. Unwrapping a chocolate kiss never gets old for me, and neither will our new filtering and search intelligence capabilities. Want to take the wraps off long tail keywords driving traffic to your competition without them actually spending budget to drive it? Maybe you want to look only for high volume keywords that are engaging traffic across several competitors’ sites. Regardless of your end goal, I’m fully confident that the new intelligence layers on top of Compete’s deliciously large datasets will make it easier for you to get there.


Cherry Cola Big Gulp: Category Level Referral Reports

For those long road trips, it’s tough for me to hit the road without a regular flow of sugary goodness. Cherry Coke is usually the chosen beverage, and it gives me the lift I need to make the journey. As you seek to acquire new customers, our new category level referral reports will give you that constant flow of knowledge to make your life as a marketer easier. With a single report, you can discover the most important sources of traffic for your entire industry category, and use the knowledge to make sure you’re not missing out on key advertising opportunities, partnerships, and other ways of acquiring traffic.

Climbing the Big Rock Candy Mountain: What’s Next?

As sweet as this launch is, I know we’re far from finished. As we make our way to the top to deliver the most powerful competitive intelligence on the planet, Compete’s product team is constantly looking for the next big add. That’s where you come into the picture. We know there’s more we can do, and that you need more insight and actionable. So I personally welcome you to send me your wish list, feedback on the new enhancements, and anything other thoughts about Compete PRO that I can share with our team (Contact email: info@compete.com)