Monthly Archives: September 2009

Microsoft’s Bing Cashback back to school promotion leaves consumers and retailers with money in their pockets

Consumers looking for a great deal got the bargain of the summer thanks to Microsoft’s Bing Cashback program. The Bing Cashback program enables users to save money when shopping online by offering cash back on purchases made at participating retailer sites. For two and a half weeks in August, Bing Cashback featured a back-to-school campaign in which merchants offered up to double their typical rebates on select purchases. Several retailers

Disney Acquires Comic Industry Leader Marvel

Walt Disney Co. recently acquired long-time comic industry giant Marvel Entertainment Inc. for a hefty sum of $4 billion. Other than a slew of superpowers and a closet full of alter-ego costumes, what did Disney get for its money? You’ve probably seen, or at least heard about the many Marvel comic-to-movie adaptations in recent years, including Iron Man, Spider Man and X-Men, and these blockbusters are undoubtedly a large part

Motorola Rival: The Surprise Hit of the Summer

Anyone who has received a Facebook "friend request" from a parent should chuckle at a recent ad from Verizon Wireless.  As part of its back-to-school campaign, Verizon Wireless features a mom and dad annoying their children by Tweeting and Facebooking on their mobile phones.  The phones featured in this commercial, the Motorola Rival and LG enV3, are part of a rapidly growing phone segment — the "quick-messaging" device.  These phones

Digital 180 with Upromise's Head of Web Strategy Aboud Yaqub

Digital 180, Compete’s online "TV" series, recently caught up with Aboud Yaqub, the VP of Web Strategy of Upromise. Launched in April 2001, today Upromise is a major, private source of college funding contributions in America, with over 10 million members and nearly $500 million in member rewards. If you are looking for tips and tricks to build and engage an online community Aboud’s insights are a "must see": The

From G.I. Joe to Jakten PÃ¥ Hukommelsen: How do searches differ across movie genres?

In the summer, nothing beats a trip to the movies. I don’t have air conditioning, so the movie theater provides a welcome relief from the heat and a cheap two hours of entertainment. Not to mention the fact that there is something comforting about a huge blockbuster with a big audience and greasy popcorn. Alas, the summer blockbuster season is drawing to a close and analysts are saying that the

Fantasy Sports Potpourri… Part 1

Did you draft Adrian Peterson with the first pick or did you go with Michael Turner instead? That’s right – It’s the time of year to put together the cheat sheets, work through a couple of mock drafts and find the right players to play for you on Sunday and Monday nights. Fantasy football is back and its popularity continues to grow online. For my analysis, I used category data