Top 25 Retail Sites

Each month, Compete takes a look at the top 25 most-trafficked web sites within one of industry categories. Back-to-school shopping played a role in shaping the top 25 retail web sites for July.

Amazon Stays at Number One
Budget-conscious consumers seem to be finding a safe haven with the discount retailers, and this, in part, helped retain its number-one spot on the top 25 list. The site attracted 67.2 million unique visitors (UVs) in July, more than double the traffic of the next closest retailer Walmart. Amazon has benefited from consumer’s flight to value online, as well as growing consumer interest in its popular line of Kindle eBook readers. Compete’s analysis of Amazon’s Kindle success continues here.

Going Back to School
Despite doomsday predictions for the 2009 back-to-school shopping season, the number of back-to-school searches — including terms like "school supplies" and "back to school" — rose to 1.7 million in July 2009 (up from 1.2 million UVs in July 2008). Among the top ranked retail sites, sites catering to back-to-school shopping such as Staples, Target and Wal-Mart all experienced traffic growth during July. Bed, Bath & Beyond (now number 18 on the list) received the biggest month-over-month gain in July, however, increasing 21%. Compete’s analysis of back-to-school trends continues here.

CVS Pushes Walgreens Online
Both and saw their traffic rise month-over-month, but’s growth outpaced that of its rival 15% versus 5%. Although continues to maintain a sizeable online lead over, the has narrowed the gap of late. And, traffic has risen 103% year-over-year since the site was re-launched last summer. Stay tuned for this ongoing competition for pharmacy visitors.

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