Disney Acquires Comic Industry Leader Marvel

Walt Disney Co. recently acquired long-time comic industry giant Marvel Entertainment Inc. for a hefty sum of $4 billion. Other than a slew of superpowers and a closet full of alter-ego costumes, what did Disney get for its money?

You’ve probably seen, or at least heard about the many Marvel comic-to-movie adaptations in recent years, including Iron Man, Spider Man and X-Men, and these blockbusters are undoubtedly a large part or what enticed Disney to buy, but we’ll take a look at what Disney has acquired online.

Marvel.com‘s more than 600k Unique Visitors is just under 45% of Disney.com‘s total traffic and 180k more than rival DCComics.com. Marvel’s online dominance over its rival carries over to search as well.

Even though the term "˜comic’ is included in the DC Comics brand name, Marvel edges out DC in ranking of search destinations for the term. Disney certainly isn’t paying all that money solely for Marvel’s online presence, but getting an industry-leading site in the deal strengthens Disney online portfolio.

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